St.Croix Virgin Islands - Online Travel Guide

Christiansted Downtown
Protestant Cay
A short water taxi ride from downtown Christiansted deposits you on the nice beach with a view of the town. Food and drink from Hotel on the Cay and maybe a vollyball game.

Christiansted East - Gallows Bay
Buccaneer Beach
Beach golf and a fine meal in one spot? The Buccaneer fills the bill.

Christiansted East - Gallows Bay
Shoys Bay Beach
You will likely find more palm trees than other people of you take a short hike to Shoys Bay. Great sand surf and snorkeling.

Christiansted East - Gallows Bay
Chenay Bay Beach
A nice beach with some special features. Since this beach sits right at the Chenay Bay Beach Resort Resort you can get a drink at the bar or rent snorkel equipment or kayaks. Use your kayaks to make a short trip to Green Cay just off the beach.

Christiansted West - Golden Rock - Grande Princess
Club St. Croix & Sugar Beach
These two great beaches in front of these condominium complexes may be accessed by the public. When there have a meal at Breezes at Club St. Croix or walk up the beach to Smuggler's Cove restaurant at Mill Harbour.

Christiansted West - Golden Rock - Grande Princess
Palms at Pelican Cove & Tamarind Reef
Snooze in a hammock, have a tropical drink or dinner before or after your beach trip.

East End
Cramer's Park
Easy to find on the way to Point Udall. A public beach with lots of parking and public changing and wash areas. A part of the St. Croix East End Marine Park.

East End
Divi Carina Bay Beach
Nice beach and a short walk to the only casino on St. Croix.

East End
Jack's Bay and Issac's Bay
Very hard to get to. If you can locate and hike to these beaches you will discover some fine secluded spots. Perhaps the most private beaches on St. Croix.

North Shore - Cane Bay
Cane Bay
Super beach, great views, on site beach bar. Scuba shop, restaurants, kayak shop, parking area right across the street. Snorkel, swim, tan, relax.

North Shore - Cane Bay
Salt River Beach
Tan where Columbus landed on St. Croix in 1493. A popular local spot. Easy access to Salt River park areas.

North Shore - Cane Bay
Carambola Beach
Enter the beach just before the main resort. Feel welcome even if not staying at Carambola. Beautiful beach and surroundings. Enjoy the scenic drive as you travel to the beach.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
Sandy Point
Long beach for tourists in need of sand and sun, this beach serves as a bird and wild life habitat where Leatherback turtles come to nest. Vacation travelers are welcome Saturday and Sunday 10-4 Sept 1 - May 15, turtles and birds only other times.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
Rainbow Beach
Sunsets, white sand and you might even find live music or vollyball.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
West End Un-Named Beaches
North of Frederiksted find serveral spots to pull off the road and find an un-named beach. In more cases you can claim a beach all for yourself. Top it off with a sunset.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
Dorsch Beach
Near Cottages by the Sea and The Beachside Cafe for a bite. Sand, sunsets and close to other Frederiksted activities.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
La Grange Beach
Watch the sunset, make a sand castle or have a drink and sandwich from Coconuts Beach Bar.

Frederiksted (not downtown) - West End - Rainforest
Sprat Hall Beach
Just across from the Sprat Hall Plantation, eat and drink at the Sunset Grill while enjoying the St. Croix sunset.

Buck Island
Buck Island
Located a few miles from St. Croix, you will need to get to Buck Island by boat. Look in the sailing directory for daily trips. Several beaches and snokeling through an underwater trail in this National Park.

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