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To many travelers, part of experiencing a great new destination involves exploring local cuisine. As someone who tries to forbid my family from dining at chains while on vacation, this desire goes beyond eating at a popular St. Croix restaurant like Kendrick's rather than an Olive Garden(not that there is one in the USVI), to tasting specific local foods from the region we might be exploring. St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands offers many spots for enjoying Caribbean food including establishments and types of food you may not have known existed.

One may place several labels on regional food served on St. Croix including Caribbean, West Indian or most specifically Cruzan. Finding locally owned restaurants on St, Croix proves an easy task as the local spots far outnumber the chains. For the novice to St. Croix local food one might start at Kims Restaurant in downtown Christiansted. Select from a variety of regional favorites including conch and Caribbean curries, not to be confused with the curry one might associate with Bombay India. Find Kim's right on King Street near downtown shopping. Traveling further away from downtown Christiansted local St. Croix food favorites include Gertrude's, Junie's Restaurant and Villa Morales, closer to Frederiksted and specializing in Puerto Rican cuisine.

For popular St. Croix "fast food" drive right past those few large plastic corporate signs touting burgers or fried food and try a local roti. Some might think of a roti as a West Indian burrito while other might explain it as a Caribbean pot pie wrap. In any case anyone keen on regional cuisine should try a roti before they leave St. Croix. To select where to find your roti you may get in the middle of the great roti debate, similar to the pizza battles in New Haven or the cheese steak wars in Philadelphia. In one corners stands Singh's Fast Food, the long standing leader established over 25 years ago. Stepping up to challenge them one may dine at Ace Roti. While Singh's clearly wins on the topics of which remains easiest to find and open more hours, for taste I recommend going to both and deciding for yourself. At the end of the day it becomes a personal preference of two great spots. While at Singh's also think about the local St. Croix fast food breakfast alternative, a "Double" featuring a West Indian garbanzo bean mixture between two Johnny Cakes.

Let's spend a second on Johnny cakes and other foods you not previously not thought about. Think of a Johnny cake as a Cruzan cross between a pancake and a biscuit, some might eat them with breakfast, but you might also find them on your table in lieu of bread at dinner. Not sure what to order, don't rule out conch, goat or a fish served with the head and tail still on. You may discover a new favorite.

Local flavor on St. Croix might be defined in a broader way by some travelers. With the addition of Captain Morgan, St, Croix stands as a clear leader in rum distilling with Cruzan Rum as the long time leader in that department. One may tour and sample at either factory and partake in local drinks at most restaurants and bars including the Cruzan Confusion and other St. Croix Drinks. For St. Croix local entertainment one might experience a "Caribbean Show" at several venues or listen to steel pan bands. While his music might not fall into the category of Cruzan or Caribbean, eating at a restaurant where St. Croix guitarist Steve Katz is playing should be on everyone's agenda.

Those looking for local cuisine while on St. Croix find themselves happy in every way. No matter if your own favorite included a West Indian flavor, or a new food like conch or goat, or a new dish such as roti, or a rum drink, the food and entertainment local to St. Croix will leave you hungry for more.

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